Ticketsystem for Actemium

Ticketsystem for Actemium


For that project, we had to make a ticket system for the customer Actemium. They wanted a desktop application and a website where you could follow up on all support tickets, but also the knowledgebase and statistics, but also a place where you could view and edit the info of employees and customers.

For the entire system, we had to start from scratch in Java. Our database was a SQL Server database, and our GUI was made with JavaFX.

For the .net part we used some CSS and JavaScript libraries so that our result was very decent.

Personally, I put in around 300hrs of work, even though the professors were only expecting 125hrs, but by only putting in so many hours on the project, I was able to really apply the material that we had seen in the first semester. If I hadn’t done that, we probably wouldn’t have finished first. This also shows my dedication to bring a project to a successful conclusion.

Have a look at it on Vimeo:

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